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We are the first jewelry company to be part of the Google Glass Explorer program. Our salespeople wear Google Glass at the jewelry show to broadcast live video of diamonds direct from the vendor booths to your smartphone or camera. We attach a diamond loupe to the camera lens, so you'll see a clear picture of the diamond with 10x magnification.

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Diamond Concierge Service began as a one man traveling jewelry salesman, servicing boutique jewelry stores across America.

Over the next three decades, we built relationships with the world’s diamond manufacturers and wholesalers.

We launched our eBay store and maintained 100% positive feedback for 12 years.

Realizing that difficulty for our clients to buy diamonds from a narrow list on line, in 2010 we launched our concept "Diamond Concierge Service"

Chosen by Google as the first jewelry company to be a Glass Explorer. Clients can view diamonds via online video chat from inside diamond supplier locations


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Investing in diamonds . . . "can be intimidating for novice diamond purchasers . . . To learn more about the diamond industry and find out what buyers need to know, we contacted Diamond Concierge Service."

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"Based in New York’s famed Diamond District, Diamond Concierge Service is a company that any man looking to propose or any woman looking to upgrade her diamond should explore."

Secrets To Sourcing The Perfect Diamond   >>

"The process is much like working with a real-estate agent who . . . has access to the exclusive properties, you need a really good agent to find your dream home. Diamond Concierge Service is exactly that – an agent with 30 years of contacts . . . who will find your perfect diamond."
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  • 100% positive feedback
  • 1000+ customers reviews
  • 12 year history

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Diamond Concierge Service is a vetted member of the leading retail jewelry organization, Jewelers of America. We are also listed with the Jewelers Board of Trade.

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years experience in the diamond industry

diamond consultants per client, so you get the time and attention needed to find your diamond.

success rate in finding the best diamond options for our clients.


We've bought diamonds from these guys half a dozen times over the last few years. Their prices are good and you'd only really get better from a price insensitive or distressed/clearance seller. Goods are shipped promptly and you get what you order, the one time we've had an issue, they rectified it to a satisfactory standard. We recommend them and would use them in the future. Make sure you read their FAQ, especially regarding diamond certification labs, as this can be a common source of confusion.

I rarely buy expensive things online or over the phone, but my experience with this firm was top notch.  I needed a very specific diamond within a budget no one else could meet. They worked with me, found what I needed, and shipped it via overnight mail. I took the stone to a local appraiser to confirm it was exactly what I wanted, and to learn that I got it at a very competitive price. I will use them again in the future should the need/desire arise.

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No more trips to the jewelry store. No more browsing thousands of confusing options online. Shop from the comfort of your own home, office, or on the go.

We wear Google Glass inside diamond vendor booths to broadcast live video of diamonds to you.

Choose which diamonds to ship and compare at home risk free:  We pay shipping both ways.

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Although the show is closed to the public, we'll be at the show searching for you.

Compare more than one option side by side,

Save trips to the jewelry store, and cut the hassle of browsing hundreds of confusing websites. We'll do all the work for you and present only the best options.

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Just one click to join the video chat. Nothing to type, nothing to download, nothing to register. You don't need a camera and we won't see you.

Meet our diamond experts, ask questions, learn from us, tell us to show you the diamond in every angle.

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Find Your Dream Diamond
at the JA Jewelry Show

  • Exclusive access to diamonds not available to the public.
  • We wear Google Glass to broadcast live video from vendor booths.
  • Show dates July 27th - July 29th in New York
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By having its salespeople wear Google Glass while visiting a diamond supplier, Diamond Concierge Service customers are able to view a live, streaming video feed . . . from the staff members’ perspective – a diamond loupe is clipped onto the Google Glass frame, enabling 10x magnification.

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Diamond Concierge Service uses Glass to video chat ... and film the gems Khordi finds for his clients. 'That’s a good enterprise case,' murmured a Google spokeswoman in response.

We've Found The One Man Who Thinks Google Glass' Look Can Work To His Advantage >>

We applaud Diamond Concierge Service & Mr. Khordi for their efforts to innovate in the diamond industry through the use of Google Glass and for trying to marriage technology with retail.

Diamonds & Google Glass – No We Ain’t Talking About A Diamond Studded Glass >>

Keep the diamond you like. Or return it and ask us to keep searching. We pay shipping both ways.

The JA New York Jewelry Show
July 27-29th, 2014

"For over 108 years , JA New York has been bringing the industry together —and that includes more than 725 of the world’s finest jewelry brands, designers & suppliers representing the full spectrum of market categories and product choices. Vendors range from high-end designers to major manufacturers to rising stars, and encompass every taste, style and price point."

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Video recorded with Google Glass of the diamond showroom floor at the JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show, June 2014

Video recorded with Google Glass examining a 7 carat diamond at the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show, June 2014

Video recorded with Google Glass examining a 7 carat diamond at the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show, June 2014

Phone credit: JA New York

Source: JA New York